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Mother Nature Roulette: Are you willing to take a gamble on fleet snow management?

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For Bostonians, the ‘Big Dig’ is a distant memory; replaced by discussions of the ‘Big Haul’ due to a record breaking 113.7 inches of snowfall this winter. Even as I write this, New England is experiencing snow squalls and Blue Hill Meteorological Observatory has reported 150.8 inches of total snow accumulation. It’s been the snowiest winter on record for Massachusetts since reporting began in 1881.

Before we let this winter of discontent melt away, however, it’s important to consider the challenges that snow accumulation has on your business. For fleet and facility management, what better time is there to evaluate the options for clearing snow from your fleets’ rooftops than while the ‘pain’ is still fresh in your mind? For snow contractors, this is an opportunity to review the season with your clients—the good, the bad, and perhaps even the ugly—and make recommendations that might include secondary services such as TrucBrush. It’s a time for snow contractors to approach potential clients and offer them a total snow service solution. Adding a secondary service such as TrucBrush to clear snow from the tops of trailers and trucks increases operational efficiencies, both for snow management and fleet logistics. Many companies are now seeking such solutions to address the issue at their terminals after this historic winter.

TrucBrush service is easily implemented into a company’s snow management protocol with either the snow contractor providing the service, a TrucBrush Preferred Vendor offering it in conjunction with a facility’s overall snow management or the facility itself implementing the TrucBrush method. TrucBrush improves deployment time during a period when a facility needs it the most. It increases operational efficiencies by allowing the same equipment that operates TrucBrush for clearing snow off the fleet’s rooftops to be utilized for terminal and parking lot clearing of snow if desired. When TrucBrush is coordinated with a facility’s overall snow management, bay areas can also be cleared of snow before melting and refreeze occurs that is so common at docks. This adds to your overall safety initiatives.

TrucBrush Corporation is available 24/7 to answer your questions and show your team how this innovative method can be implemented into your overall safety and operational planning for next winter season—since you never know where Mother Nature’s roulette wheel will land.

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Watch the latest video: http://www.trucbrush.com/TrucBrushWinter.mp4
[1] WeatherWorks Snow Accumulation Report, Zip Code: 02127 reported 113.7 inches
[2] Blue Hill Meteorological Observatory, Milton, Massachusetts report, March 29, 2015.

Demonstration at MTAC Truck Conference

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TrucBrush Corporation has been invited by the Motor Transport Association of Connecticut to demonstrate the TrucBrush, a mobile device that quickly and effectively clears snow from the tops of trucks, trailers and buses, at their annual Truck Conference.   The conference will be held on October 30th from 8:30 to 4:30 p.m. at the Maneeley’s Banquet Facility in South Windsor, CT.  

Truc_Brush_FB_1a “The TrucBrush is a safer, more effective method that removes the need for any driver or employee to be on or near the top of a truck and allows facilities to comply with the new regulations,” said Jim Burns, President and CEO of TrucBrush Corporation, Inc.  The state of Connecticut’s Act Concerning the Removal of Snow and Ice from Motor Vehicles (Public Act No. 10-182) went into effect on December 31, 2013, which can fine any operator that fails to remove accumulated snow or ice that poses a threat.  Representatives of TrucBrush Corporation will be on hand at the MTAC conference to discuss the TrucBrush and how companies can incorporate this service into their snow management plan.  For more information about the event, contact:  Debora Babin Katz, Vice President, TrucBrush Corporation, TEL: (877) 783-0237 or visit the MTAC website at: mtac.us

Professional Weather Services Predict Significant Snowfall & Cold Temperatures

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With expectations of big storm potentials for the Northeast and snowfalls near average in the Ohio Valley and Midwest and typical snowfall patterns in the western part of the United States, trucking companies will be seeking viable solutions this season for quickly, effectively and safely clearing accumulated snow from their fleet’s rooftops.  TrucBrush Corporation is uniquely positioned to offer the industry a mobile service to address this winter challenge for those moving freight across North America’s snowbelt.

Professional weather services, such as WeatherWorks Inc., which account for the evolution of ENSO (El Nino and La Nina) as well as atmospheric and oceanic patterns, are forecasting a combination of cold temperatures and extensive storms with above average snowfall for much of the East Coast,” said Jim Burns, President and CEO of TrucBrush Corporation, Inc.  Snowfall in the Ohio Valley and Midwest is expected to be average and similar to recent years, while the Southeast is predicted to have an active winter pattern with potential for significant snow and ice events.  “We remind the industry as they head into this upcoming winter that TrucBrush Corporation offers them a mobile solution to clear accumulated snow off the tops of trucks and trailers before heading out on our Nation’s roadways.”

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