Professional Weather Services Predict Significant Snowfall & Cold Temperatures

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  • October 28, 2014


With expectations of big storm potentials for the Northeast and snowfalls near average in the Ohio Valley and Midwest and typical snowfall patterns in the western part of the United States, trucking companies will be seeking viable solutions this season for quickly, effectively and safely clearing accumulated snow from their fleet’s rooftops.  TrucBrush Corporation is uniquely positioned to offer the industry a mobile service to address this winter challenge for those moving freight across North America’s snowbelt.

Professional weather services, such as WeatherWorks Inc., which account for the evolution of ENSO (El Nino and La Nina) as well as atmospheric and oceanic patterns, are forecasting a combination of cold temperatures and extensive storms with above average snowfall for much of the East Coast,” said Jim Burns, President and CEO of TrucBrush Corporation, Inc.  Snowfall in the Ohio Valley and Midwest is expected to be average and similar to recent years, while the Southeast is predicted to have an active winter pattern with potential for significant snow and ice events.  “We remind the industry as they head into this upcoming winter that TrucBrush Corporation offers them a mobile solution to clear accumulated snow off the tops of trucks and trailers before heading out on our Nation’s roadways.”

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