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The TrucBrush® Service is a safe, efficient and economical solution for the trucking industry’s largest winter related issue: the removal of snow from their trucks’ roof tops.  The TrucBrush method enables you to clear the roofs of your clients’ trailer trucks in less than 60 seconds in coordination with your ground snow services.

Past methods of removing snow from the tops of trucks such as rolling ladders, hand shoveling, roof rakes or costly infrastructure investments have not allowed the facility vendor to provide a safe, efficient and economic means to deliver this service to their clients.  Today, TrucBrush provides that opportunity.

As a Preferred TrucBrush Vendor, you will:

  • Offer a solution to your client’s top snow related issue—a win-win for you and your client that gives you a competitive edge in the marketplace.
  • Increase your revenue by adding a new service to your existing snow service contracts while providing substantial savings to your clients whose existing method for clearing snow may be labor intensive and operationally inefficient.
  • Grow your business by opening new doors with the innovative TrucBrush service.

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